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Earthworks and Haulage


Experts in Earthworks and Haulage, at Galea Group we believe in hard work, reliability and quality workmanship.

Safety is our number one priority; we pride ourselves on completing jobs with tight deadlines not only on time and to the highest quality, but without sacrificing on our safety standards.

Galea Group Excavation Earthworks and Haulage Sydney

Why Galea Group

We can do it

Galea Group handle all aspects of Earthworks and Haulage, specialising in detailed excavation of even the most difficult jobs.

Reliability Plus

We go the extra mile to ensure projects are completed right the first time, giving our clients peace of mind with our reliable service.

Grow Together

We have a wide range of equipment and can expand our service offering to suit your requirements as you grow.


With our wide range of equipment, we are able to handle any sized job, anywhere in or around Sydney.

Our staff are fully trained and given the best tools for the job, making sure our clients get the best outcomes possible.

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